Big Hero 6: The Animated Series is an American animated television series based on the popular movie of the same name which is in turn based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. The show does have some differences from the movie, as it has more fantastic elements than the movie, such as the addition of the Kaiju and aliens and more "out there" inventions.

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Pilot 001 After the defeat of YokaiHiro Hamada is struggling to balance his college life (which is not really normal at all for a 14-year old) and his duties as a superhero. However, SHIELD arrives in San Fransokyo with Nick Fury questioning whether or not the Big Hero 6 is good enough to protect the city. The team may have to prove their worth when a terrorist plans to unleash a nuclear weapon on San Fransokyo.
Blast from the Past 002 A theme park assigns Hiro to build them highly sosphisticated robot dinosaurs for their new theme park, Mesozoic Land. He creates a Tyrannosaurus Rex, a Triceratops, a Pteranodon, and an Apatosaurus. He built them to make them look and act as real as possible through an AI system that has a simple brain. However, things go arwy when the robot dinosaurs malfunction and thus begin wreaking havoc on the city. Now the Big Hero 6 has to clean up the mess.
Framed 003 Baymax is accused of going on a series of destructive rampages that Baymax SWEARS he did not commit. This leads the team to believe something's not right. It turns out that it's actually the original Baymax that was lost in the portal in the movie, and he now calls himself, Rangarok. He has somehow returned to Earth with a desire for vengeance. The team now has to stop Rangarok's plans for revenge and clear Baymax's name.
Need for Speed 004 Since getting her suit during BH6's formation, GoGo has proudly held the title of being the fastest thing inSan Fransokyo. That is until she runs into a villain called, "Supersonic", who is wearing a special suit that makes him able to run even faster than her begins stealing things all across the city. Determined to not let her title be beaten, she upgrades her suit to make it as fast as his to take him down for both the good of the city and personal reasons.
Mecha Mayhem 005 Wasabi brings the team together to reveal to them that he is working on a giant Power Rangers-esque robot to help combat Kaiju giant creatures that rise out of the ocean to wreak havoc on major cities. He calls the robot, Red Ronin. The mecha proves to be extremely efficient at fending off Kaiju that come to attack the city. However, there is one problem. Every time they fight a monster in the robot, they end up causing even more damage than the actual monster does. Now, the team has to work on their pilot skills to be able to take down monsters while minimizing collateral damage.
Anger Management 006 When the Big Hero 6 get a report that a giant green monster is on the rampage in San Fransokyo, they are shocked to find out when they go to confront it that the monster in question is none other than The Incredible Hulk. Now, they have to find out to stop The Hulk's rampage while also dealing with the mysterious group hunting him.
Monsters and Magic 007 With no crime around today, the Big Hero 6 take the day off by playing Fred's fantasy role-playing board game, which consists of magic, sorcery and mythical creatures. However, when an evil magician arrives and not only makes all the game's monsters real, but the team is stuck in their roles in real life, too. Now they have to find a way to save the city using only magic.
Mecha-Fred 008 After Fred accidentally breaks his leg in a bike-riding accident, Hiro realizes that they still need a sixth member of the team. So, he builds a temporary robot replacement that looks like Fred's monster suit, which he calls,"Mecha-Fred."However, the robot realizes that once Fred is healed, it will end up becoming obsolete. So, thus, it becomes self-aware and decides to destroy Fred. The Big Hero 5 must protect their friend from Mecha-Fred's wrath.
The Blue Jay 009 A Robin Hood-esque man is stealing money from the rich all across San Fransokyo and giving it to the poor. The whole team shows strong support for this man, but Hiro has his doubts. What is this man's real motives? Can he be trusted?
Man of Iron 010 Hiro finally gets to meet his idol, '"Iron Man", who is visting San Fransokyo to promote the new building for his new San Fransokyo branch of Stark Industries. Impressed with Hiro's strong robotics knowledge, the billionaire genius invites the boy to spend the day with him so he can teach him some useful skills. But, that is cut short when some of Iron Man's armors begin wreaking havoc after they've hacked into by The Mandarin . Hiro and Iron Man must team up to put an end to the mayhem.
My Aunt a Crime Boss 011 The team is surprised to find that crime in the city has gone down, but they soon discover that the reason behind is because the local thugs have begun to love Aunt Cass' pastries so much, they decide to work for her. And thus, her restaurant becomes a villain hangout...with Aunt Cass as their unknowing crime boss.
Monster Island 012 The Big Hero 6 are alerted of a disturbance at "Monster Island," an island used as a containment facility for Kaiju to keep them away from civilization so they don't destroy any major cities. They soon discover that an environmental extremist plans to free the monsters from Monster Island and unleash them on cities across the world. The team now has to put his plans to a screeching halt and prevent worldwide destruction.
Yokai the Destroyer 013 Yokai breaks out of prison and manages to take control of the Destroyer Armor  to go on a rampage and seek vengence for what happened during the events of the movie. The near unstoppable power of the armor proves to be too much for the team to handle by themselves, so they end up enlisting the help of Thor.
Cage Match 014 After Baymax accidentally destroys GoGo's new car during a battle with a supervillain, much to her rage, Baymax, feeling guilty, decides to participate in the illegal bot fights to get money for a new car. At first, things seem to be going well as Baymax is winning against every opponent so far. However, Hiro and company may have to come to Baymax's rescue when the robot has to face off against a massive robot in the final round that could potentially rip him to pieces.
Talkin Trash 015 Wasabi has always hated messes and anything that is not neat. This is especially made worse due to San Fransokyo's recent garbage problem, where there is less and less space in the dump for more trash. So Wasabi decides to create a a new microbe technology they hope can remedy this problem by having it eat the garbage. Unfortunately, the microbes eventually grow out of control and the team has to stop the colony before it devours the city.
Growth 016 Frustrated with his short height causing problems for him, such as being unable to go on amusement park rides and even getting pushed around by villains taller than him, Hiro desperately seeks a way to get taller and he finds it with the help of Fred, who "borrows" Wasabi's experimental growth serum.Hiro is at first thrilled to now be as tall as his fellow team/classmates. However, there's one problem with Hiro's newfound growth: It's not stopping! Now, his increasingly huge size puts the entire city and his friends in grave danger.

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Red Ronin Runs Rampant 026
El Magnifico 027
The Fujitas 028
Fredzilla 029